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Aldobrando degli Azzoni


Our estate is located in the heart of Tuscan, surrounded by the Apennine and the Mediterranean flora. Here You can find vineyards, woods of oaks, ash trees, chestnuts, oaks, pines. The plain is where the poplar is grown. Our company lies here, deeply linked to the territory and its traditions. The everyday work here finds its maximum expression, respecting the soil and its products. In the same time we work with the constant aim to keep a low impact on the environment, following specific disciplines of integrated production.

The total estate consists of 285 hectares, where 18 are cultivated with vineyards. The old vineyard of Sangiovese along with the Merlot and Syrah are blended in the classic Chianti. The structure comes from the first, while the freshness and the aromas are guarantee from the others two. The Vermentino and the Pinot Grigio are the white varieties together with Trebbiano that gives the famous Vin Santo.

Since 2004, the company has started a new process with two new labels: the Chianti and the Helianthus. The aim is the production of wines where You can feel the soil and where they come from. All of this is made with devotion, passion and respect of nature. This steps have given a further rush to a market already on the rise. (Helianthus is the latin name for Sunflower)

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