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The Goretti Estate is located in the Umbrian hills near Perugia. The family has been making wines in this region since early in the 1900's. The family owns 2 vineyards: Colle Perugini in Pila and le Mura Saracene in Montefalco.

Historical estate of Pila, located at the gates of Perugia, is specialized in the production of native wines of the Umbrian territory and of great Italian classics with DOC and IGT quality labels.

Le Mura Saracene specializing in the production of two important reds, the Sagrantino di Montefalco DOCG and the Rosso di Montefalco DOC, this modern and technological winery works in the belief that the quality of wines is never the result of improvisation but of a deep knowledge of land, climate and production processes.

Goretti cellars have always been at the forefront of environmental protection.
Every business choice is inspired by obtaining the best quality of the grapes without undergoing excessive stress neither the vine plant nor the soil. The cellars have always paid attention to the environmental impact that the winemaking production of companies can have, knowing that to make the difference of the products is the protection of their territories from which the vines are born and grow.
Environmental sustainability is therefore intended for Goretti wineries as the best way to transfer to a new generation a company and a territory that is not impoverished and excessively exploited but still rich in natural and human resources.
On 9th July 2013 the Goretti wineries received the Cifo award “excellent footprints: sustainable agronomic techniques for a valuable viticulture”, dedicated to good environmental practices in the vineyard and at the cellar.
Goretti productions can be defined as “Lutte Resonee” (lutte raisonnée means ‘the reasoned struggle’. Growers who practice this kind of viticulture claim to use chemicals less often and less aggressively than conventional growers), as we follow the integrated production regulations of the Umbria Region (Section “Plant protection and weed control” – Year 2018-2019, approved with Management Resolution No. 3288 of 08/04/2019 ) and therefore we use less aggressive products and in general less chemicals than a conventional producer.
As evidence of the continuous search for innovation in respect of the environment, the cellars continue to invest in renewable energy through a photovoltaic system and operating in the local market with 100% electric means.