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I Sodi

Gaiole in Chianti, Siena


The Farmhouse "I Sodi" is situated in the heart of the Chianti Classico among its wooded hills halfway between the village of "Monti" and the Castle of "Brolio" in a hamlet called "S. Marcellino".
It was built in 1893. Its name "I Sodi" "Hard soil" probably derives from the fact that the house stands on a stony ground which is not tilled.
The house is built in the typical local architecture with a "loggia" with arches and a loft or dove-cot from where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the "Crete Senesi" and further on the "Monte Amiata".

The I Sodi farm was purchased by the Casini family in 1973.

Ivo, father of the three brothers who currently own the farm, Giancarlo, Danilo e Franco, was a native of the nearby village of Monti. Being profoundly knowledgeable about the area and its particular characteristics, he had been thinking for some time about buying I Sodi, a property owned by the Arezzo Archbishop's administration which had lain abandoned for many years. His dream, together with that of the three brothers, was to become independent producers of top-quality wine in addition to selling wine, a family tradition now in its second generation. This desire to become wine producers was the impulse which inspired the purchase of the farm and the start of work to restore it.

  • Established:1973
  • Proprietor:Giancarlo, Danilo and Franco Casini
  • Winemaker:Andrea Casini
  • Website:View