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La Varenne, Orée d'Anjou


It was in 2011 that Emmanuel and Olivier joined forces to create the Merceron-Martin Estate. The two young winemakers combine their know-how in order to discover their terroir through the wines they produce.

Between Nantes and Angers, our vineyard covers 26 hectares. The vineyards overlook the south bank of the Loire and shape the landscape of La Varenne, a municipality of Orée d'Anjou.

This privileged situation allows us to develop a wide range of wines from the Loire Valley.

Throughout the different ranges, our wines are the expression of our soils composed mainly of schists and micaschists, on sandy-loamy horizons. The vineyard benefits from a temperate ocean climate, accentuated by the influence of the Loire, a benevolent and regulating river.

  • Established:2011
  • Proprietor:Emmanuel Merceron & Olivier Martin
  • Winemaker:Emmanuel Merceron & Olivier Martin
  • Website:View