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Quinta do Quetzal

Vidigueira, Alentejo


Through Quinta do Quetzal Cees and Inge de Bruin hope to share their passion for Portuguese culture, nature, food and wine with others.

Quinta do Quetzal is set in the heart of the Alentejo region on the rich slopes of Vidigueira. It is close to the oldest known Roman winery in Portugal and Spain. The microclimate and our hills make it the perfect location for a unique terroir. Here the grapes grow on soil rich in Schist, our local mineral stone. The area around Vidigueira is generally sunny and warm, but its positioning on the foothills of the Serra do Mendro gives plenty of cool winds that comes straight off the Atlantic ocean. These conditions lead to big variations in temperature, giving the grapes the heat to ripe and the cooling breezes to recover. The focus is on limited production of concentrated and top quality grapes in order to create a wine that expresses the character of the surroundings.

  • Proprietor:Cees and Inge de Bruin
  • Winemaker:Rui Reguinga and José Portela
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