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Santa Giula


The agricultural estate of Santa Giulia has been the property of the Terzuoli family since 1950. It extends over 18 hectares in the north-eastern part of Montalcino at 300 m. above sea level.
The proverbial characteristics of a generous, fertile soil which here are combined with a mild, slightly breezy climate, provide the ideal preconditions for the production of an excellent well-structured and balanced wines and a olive oil.
Brunello, Rosso di Montalcino are the result of a craft carried out with dedication, care and competence.

Where nature gives its best for a great wine, tradition and masterly skill in the cellars determine the particular characteristics in the wines from Santa Giulia. An accurate selection of the grapes, generations of experience and highly innovative techniques of wine - making originate the great quality of Santa Giulia wines.

Gianluca Terzuoli, in charge of the estate’s wine production, represents the most recent generation of the family. Competent and expertise, he also shows profound love and passion for this work.

  • Winemaker:Gianluca Terzuoli
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